Sunday, December 20, 2015

Crossing the Line 3: Global Drawing - a review by JANET McKENZIE - Studio International

Crossing the Line 3: Global Drawing
(including Contemporary Australian Drawing #5 and
A Global Audit: Drawing Everywhere)

Published 18/12/2015


Florence was the venue for the third of the Crossing the Line conferences, which explore the role of the artist in society. It also included two exhibitions, one of contemporary Australian drawing and another of drawings gathered from around the world

Studio Arts Centers International, Florence, Italy
6-7 November 2015


As part of a programme exploring drawing’s pivotal role in the definition of self and in societies in flux,1 Crossing the Line 3: Global Drawing, held last month in Florence, followedCrossing the Line 2: Drawing in the Middle East, which took place in Dubai in September 2014. Both conferences were organised by Irene Barberis, director and founder of the Global Centre for Drawing in Melbourne.

In our global culture, communications have advanced at an extraordinary rate over the past century, and particularly electronic communications in the past decade. The Crossing the Line conferences have offered an opportunity to explore and interpret the role of contemporary artists in a complex society where accepted values continue to be challenged. Drawing has always existed in all cultures as a fundamental form of expression, and mark-making is pivotal to human existence, as the inspiring paper Drawing and Human Development, delivered in Florence by eminent neuroscientist and anthropologist Elvira Souza Lima, revealed.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Drawing Masterclass by Dr Irene Barberis: “ Before we start…and then” , Crossing The Line Conference 3, SACI Florence

Drawing Lab: Line as Journey - Saba Qizilbash, Crossing The Line Conference 3, SACI, Florence

Introduction to the symposium and exhibitions by Dr Irene Barberis

Dr Irene Barberis (Aust/UK)
 Global Drawing :
Introduction to the symposium and exhibitions 

Key note Address by Dr Janet McKenzie

Key note Address Dr Janet McKenzie (UK/Aust)
Paper title: To Travel Hopefully: The Road to Ardnamurchan.

Introductory Address by SACI Dean David Davidson.

Dean David Davidson Introductory Address .

Crossing The Line Conference 3 at SACI, Florence

Artist Lab Talk: Hedy Riterman (Aust)

Dr Catja de Haas (UK)
 The Drawing of an Architect: 
Different Ways of Communication

Artist Lab Talk by  Liliana Barbieri

 Dr Joe Graham (UK)
ANCHOR: a drawing research project 
on the phenomenology of the 'outline'

Catja de Hass, Janet McKenzie and Irene Barberis

Friday, November 6, 2015

Crossing The Line Conference 3 at SACI, Florence

 Dr Elvira Souza Lima
(CEPAOS Research Center, Sao Paulo)
presenting "Drawing and Human Development"
at SACI, Florence

Key note Address Dr Janet McKenzie (UK/Aust)
  To Travel Hopefully: The Road to Ardnamurchan.

Juliana Lima Dehne
reading "Umbra: Shadow Drawings"
by Marcelo Guimaraes Lima

Presentation by
Stefan Messam (USA/UAE)

Participants from the American University in Dubai

Key note speaker  Dr Janet McKenzie (UK/Aust)
and artist / teacher Saba Qizilbash ( American University in Dubai)

Opening of Crossing The Line Conference at SACI, Florence, Dr Irene Barberis and Dr David Davidson

Photos by Saba Qizilbash

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Global Drawing Exhibition: artworks from Instituto de Artes, Universidade de Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil

"The drawings here presented are from graduate students of the Visual Arts Department of the Instituto de Artes (Art Institute) of the Universidade de Campinas - UNICAMP (Brazil).  Besides pursuing their doctoral degrees in Studio Art, many of these young artists, coming from different regions of the country, have already started their professional careers with solo shows, gallery representation and also as university teachers in different art departments.  For each of these artists, the practice of drawing is in significant aspects an exploration of the relationships between drawing as process and product and different media such as: installation, sculpture, photography, book art, printmaking, digital art, etc. Drawing as an art form becomes a kind of mediating center, a type of lingua franca, a “general language” translating and being translated within the larger universe of artistic forms."  

Marcelo Guimarães Lima


American University in Dubai art students in Florence for the Crossing the Line 3 Conference at SACI

Artist and teacher Saba Qizilbash (front left)
with AUD Students in Florence

Students from the American University in Dubai begin installing the drawing show for the Crossing the Line 3: Global Drawing Intersections in Firenze

photos by Saba Qizilbash